The Blue Aeroplanes

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Here are a couple of quotes from reviews of the recent tour:

“ So, this was my 3rd time seeing the band in a year, and I'm more excited and optimistic about future tours and albums than I have been for years, which is great news.” The Rock Club

“... a slap in the face reminder of just how good they still are... I’m left hoping that it’s not another seven years before they come back to Scotland.” Manic Pop Thrills

“It's this sense of self assurance that allows them to mention the words some gig goers dread "…and this is a new song, we hope you enjoy" as they roll out 'Walking Under Ladders' and I for one am glad they did, and judging by the applause, the crowd thought so too.During the encore of 'Breaking In My Heart', all chaos breaks loose (both onstage and off) with various Aeroplanes up on the monitors, leaping off stage into the crowd, who by this point are practically on the stage themselves as they pogo, contort and throw all kinds of shapes in the direction of their heroes.” eGigs

“For me though, The Blue Aeroplanes still sound remarkably fresh. Instead of sounding like a band that should have given up yonks ago, amazingly enough, they sound like a band still on the verge of a major breakthrough! Everybody – there’s this great new band The Blue Aeroplanes – you should get along to see them!” Louder Than War

Also, the classic 1991 album “Beatsongs” has been remastered and
reissued through Cherry Red Records as a Deluxe edition
Click HERE to buy it now. Photos and reviews included HERE.

Also the new Blue Aeroplanes album “Anti-Gravity Deluxe”
is available as a double CD exclusively from this website.
Click HERE to buy it now.

Happy Christmas and a rock’n’roll New Year!

Watch out for new Aeroplanes album in spring! Possibly.

Six tracks finished so far! Some of you may have noticed four of them performed on the recent dates.

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